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Sault Shine Club Welcomes New Members

On February 15th 2022 the Sault Shrine Club was able to get together and have an official meeting. It had been quite a few months not being able to due to Covid. It was a joyous occasion, to see everyone back together. Even Mocha Temple Past Potentate Sir Dylan Mclay came down from London to attend our meeting. I'm happy to share a few of the major pieces of business that were attended to this evening.

One such piece of business was the Fezzing of some new official members of the Sault Shrine Club and Mocha Temple. Newly initiated Nobles Ned Deschene and Rob Chiarello received their fez's this evening.

Nobles Ned and Rob Receiving their Fez's

We weren't done giving things out yet though. Nobles Richard Pihlaja and John Smith of the Leigion of Honor escorted Noble Craig Ryan to be presented with the jewel of the First Ceremonial Master. Mocha Temple Assistant Rabban, Noble Harry Thomas proudly presented the First Ceremonial Master Jewel to Noble Craig Ryan. Noble Ray Magnan was appointed as the Assistant Chaplain, but unfortunately the jewel was not available at the time.

Assistant Rabban Noble Harry Thomas, Newly appointed First Ceremonial Master Craig Ryan and Past Potentate Illustrious Sir Dylan Mclay posing for a picture

All in all it was a great evening of companionship and we are all looking forward to when we meet next!

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